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Live Your Wildest Dreams:
Treat Yourself to A Goddess Retreat in Magical Punta Cana January 25-29, 2024, PLUS Six Months of Coaching Designed to Help You Live Your Dreams + Love Yourself & Your One Wild Precious Life!  


Picture yourself HERE in Paradise, journaling about your heart's most sacred dreams, with the warm tropical turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea just steps away.... and no worries for once! 

You know you DESERVE beauty, space, luxury, time to reconnect with your soul and heart's desires, time to rest and breathe, time to dream ~ and turn those dreams into reality. 


JOIN US in Punta Cana from January 25th - 29th, 2024, and THIS will be YOU!


Our Dream destination is this private luxury villa in the Puntacana resort & Club in magical Punta Cana for an intimate retreat....

Come enjoy 4 nights days and 3 magical days in Paradise, Goddess! And Reconnect to Yourself, Nature, and Your heart's sacred dreams.


If you've been putting off taking action on your heart's Wildest dreams, remember time won't stop for you, or anyone... It's time to Prioritize yourself and your soul's calling! 


This is YOUR time!

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You only have this ONE WILD & SACRED LIFE in this one human body... Are you truly living your dreams?

Are there dreams you have put off because you are so busy doing so
much for others?

Are you tired sometimes because your days are so full, yet your spirit knows that there are dreams you haven't realized yet...? I designed this retreat and coaching program for high-achieving spiritual women who are so busy with work and/or family that you are not prioritizing YOU and your dreams enough regularly... THAT CHANGES NOW! 

What would it mean to carve time out to recalibrate, relax, rest, BREATHE, and truly tune into what your soul craves most? Past Goddess retreat attendees have gone on to write books; launch new businesses; learn new languages; practice deeper self-care rituals and routines; and most importantly find more inner peace and a renewed sense of infinity possibilities and self-love, as well as practices to cultivate these.

You deserve the sacred time and space to rediscover what your heart wants most, and to take action on those dreams that you've been setting aside, because we don't always prioritize OURSELVES. You can start NOW!





What your retreat package includes:

Be part of an intimate group of incredible women, and change your life with us at this transformational adventure in paradise, from January 25th - 29th (That's 4 nights and 3 full days of fun, magic, relaxation and bliss!).

AND the magic doesn't end when the retreat ends, because you'll benefit from one month of coaching before and five (5) months of coaching afterwards to be sure you are taking action on those dreams, practicing self-care and self-love, and prioritizing YOU! 


Scroll down as well to learn more about the experiences of past retreat attendees, whose lives were forever changed for the better by their time at a Goddess retreat!



What's Included?


Everything except your flight  to Punta Cana!  Just arrive at the Punta Cana airport by 5 p.m. on Thursday, January 25th, 2024.....


We'll take care of the rest! 


Your retreat package includes: 

  • Six months of group coaching with Lisa Powell Graham, MPA, your fearless retreat leader, Harvard trained-strategic planner, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and meditation instructor, for one month before and 5 months after the retreat to help you slay your goals and live your dreams! (That's a $3,000 value!)


  • Plus one private coaching call for each attendee (That's a $497 value!) 


  • Lodging at our Private Luxury Beachfront Villa in the exclusive Punta Cana Resort & Club with access to private Corales Beach for 4 nights and 3 magical days! 

  • Transportation from the airport to our luxury private villa in the Punta Cana Resort & Club! 

  • Access to private magical Corales Beach and all the incredible amenities of the Punta Cana Resort & Club! (Please note: any shopping you do outside of our retreat activities is of course not covered in retreat costs).

  • Delicious locally sourced meals by our private chef! (vegan & gluten-free options available!)

  • A luxury branding photoshoot at our luxury villa, private beach, and on top of Round Mountain (with views of you flying over the island on a swing!) by a talented local photographer to capture that feeling of being on top of the world! 


  • Cocktails & mocktails

  • Mind-blowing local excursions!

  • All coaching and retreat activities, including Lisa Powell Graham's Live Your Wildest Dreams 3-step process to help you live our your best destiny! (we'll focus on releasing the past on day 1; dreaming up your best future and mapping out how to make it happen on day 2; and day 3 is for a play day for luxe photoshoots and fun group activities!)

  • Note to Goddesses who have attended past retreats & workshops: If you've been through this process with me before, rest assured that we do it differently at every single retreat, with new exercises and insights gained along the way from my journeys! The miracles and magic are unique each time, and happen in the moment! 

  • Guided meditations (I have studied with some of the world's best meditation teachers in the U.S. and India) to help you tap into your soul's deepest desires, and to visualize your most magical future!

  • A beautiful journal (you are also welcome to bring your own!)

  • Some special gifts! 

  • And a Zoom call with Lisa to help you plan your trip! 

Lisa Powell Graham, MPA (that's me - a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, Harvard-trained strategic planner, and globe-trotter) will be there to guide you... and the stunning pool, magical beach just steps away, and your heart's most sacred desires are waiting for you to bring them to life! Let's GOOOOOOO! 

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Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 2.14.08 PM.png

Is your soul aching for beauty, pleasure, and quiet time away from the stresses of everyday life? When is the last time you had dedicated time to focus on YOUR goals, YOUR desires, YOUR future - without being interrupted by people needing things from you? How would it feel to have your every need taken care of (by our private chef, our concierge, and your loving guide and host, Lisa!) so that you can for once focus on what YOU want most? And also just relax, breathe, and BE... in Paradise!

How does lounging on a comfy lounge chair by the pool sound? Splashing in the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea? 
Enjoying delicious, healthy meals made by your private chef? Meditating, envisioning your dream life, and having the tools and an action plan to make it happen? And doing it all in Paradise aka magicalPunta Cana with a group of badass women, who will likely become dear friends for life... JOIN US!!!!

Everything except your flight to Punta Cana is included... You just need to show up, and we'll take care of the rest! Enjoy the glorious pool; your comfy bedroom with AC; the turquoise waters of this magical beach; delicious meals by your private chef; cocktails or mocktails; all activities and excursions; coaching to help you live your dreams; guided meditations, and so much more! JOIN US in Paradise for a blissful vacation that will also change your life for the better, forever!

Even better, the transformational journey doesn't end after the retreat.... You'll get five additional months of group coaching calls to help ensure that you're out there taking action on those big dreams, practicing self-care and self-love, and continuing to evolve into the next greatest, grandest version of yourself!

Enjoy delicious meals prepared by our private chef! 

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Enjoy epic sunsets and/or sunrises on this stunning beach! 

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Relax in this glorious pool!


Your Exquisite Accommodations!
Our private luxury villa is one of the crown jewels of Corales, the exclusive community inside Puntacana Resort & Club. Corales 26 features lush gardens, unique decoration, large spaces and an amazing view of the lake and the golf course. This villa includes full-service staff, which will allow you to take your mind of responsibilities and enjoy the luxurious resort lifestyle along with its many amenities.  

Featuring 6 bedrooms, a expansive pool area with outside lounge space, BBQ and gazebo, along with a beautiful and unique area fill with original art work and a one-of-a-king pool table, Corales 26 is one of the most luxurious and unique properties in the country. 

The Corales community features its own private beach, lakes and 18 holes of PGA Championship golf. The resort itself has 7 restaurants and bars, 27 more holes of premium golf at La Cana, 12 tennis courts of different surfaces, 2 beaches, a natural reservation, a marina, and many other amenities. 

Right outside the gates, you will find Puntacana Village, a small community that offers 8 restaurants, bars, shops, and a pharmacy while a few minutes away you can find Blue Mall with its collection of premium shops and restaurants. all just a few minutes from the villa.

Welcome to PARADISE! 

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Past Retreat Goddesses Shared About Their Miraculous Experiences...

...Getting a chance to focus on my goals and my future and also my present has been a gift that I really, really needed. I just don't have the time and space in my daily life to focus on my next steps and my big vision... I feel like I've had a lot of a-ha moments here!
If I had to pick one favorite thing, I think it was the curriculum and things we've been able to practice here in this beautiful space...Each day has been transformative! Today after this long meditation that we had as soon as we came out of it had to pick up my pen and start journaling... Going home I'm going to make some big shifts... I really have the courage now to do that. 

Takiema bunche smith

Click Here for the full video testimonial

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You know you want to join us! When I first stayed in Paradise aka Punta Cana, I truly never wanted to leave! Come take some time away from the stresses of every day life to focus on YOU, your healing, your rest & restoration, your desires, your dreams, your soul's purpose.


P.S. SPOTS ARE LIMITED, especially for private  suites, so don't wait! Book your spot now! This retreat will be for eight special women who are ready to transform your lives forever!

Live Your Wildest Dreams
Punta Cana with breathtaking excursions... this photoshoot on top of Round Mountain!
It's your time to FLY high! If pristine tropical beaches, fresh delicious meals by a private chef, cocktails or mocktails by the pool, & bathing in the warm turquoise waters the Caribbean Sea sounds like Heaven to you too, join us!

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