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Goddess Destination Retreats was founded by Lisa Powell Graham, MPA, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach because she is passionate about global travel, and about empowering women globally to live their dreams. She finally decided: why not combine the two????

We'll be traveling to a different global destination every year with a badass group of women who want to live their best destinies - and enjoy a life-changing magical vacation in an spectacular location. 

Lisa has traveled to 30 countries so far (and counting!). She is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach who earned her MPA at Harvard. Lisa has also lived her dream of becoming a professional dancer! She has taught and performed belly dancing and swing dancing on television and in front of crowds of thousands. She also trains women to run for public office for and has worked on three presidential campaigns so far. Lisa's TEDx talk, Why Women Will Save The World, shares reasons why women are meant to lead the way, culling data from the latest in neuroscience, global research about women political leaders, and more.

Her goal in life is to empower more women to lead their happiest and best lives, whatever that means for you!

Lisa Powell Graham, MPA
Martha Beck Certified Life Coach

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A globe-trotting, world-changing, inspiring game-changer...

I have always lived my wildest dreams: traveling  the world, skydiving, performing Lindy Hop professionally, helping a woman win the popular vote in  the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and most importantly, empowering others to live THEIR dreams. 


My passion is helping EMPOWERING GIRLS AND WOMEN GLOBALLY. I am absolutely passionate about helping as many women as possible live your dreams, love yourself fiercely, and step into your fullest power and expression of yourself! 


My "official" bio  is below. What I really want you to know is that I am HERE to help you tap into your heart's deepest desires, so you can live the dreams that only your heart knows! 


"OFFICIAL" BIO: Lisa Powell Graham, MPA is a proven visionary leader, with 20+ years of successes in campaign management, strategic planning, fundraising, communications, and community organizing.


Check out Lisa's TEDx talk, Why Women Will Save The World. Lisa has been an in-demand keynote and inspirational speaker for more than a decade now, specializing in women’s leadership. 


Lisa has also worked on political campaigns since she was 8 years old, when her uncle Rick Roche was elected the youngest Massachusetts State Representative in the state’s history. She grew up on campaigns, and has run and organized campaigns from the local level to the presidential level. 


Lisa served as part of the organizing committee for Emerge New York in 2017, when Emerge America organized a new affiliate in New York. Emerge America is the premier training program for Democratic women nationally, inspiring women to run and honing their skills to win.


Lisa was part of the organizing committee, a featured speaker, and workshop facilitator at the first ever New York State Women’s Empowerment Conference and March in January 2019, and a popular featured speaker at the Seneca Falls Revisited  Conference in August 2019, celebrating the centennial anniversary of the 19thAmendment. 


Lisa was part of Hillary Clinton's paid presidential campaign staff in 2016, running a campaign office in Philadelphia, PA. 96% of Lisa’s ward voted for Hillary, and Lisa achieved 225+% on all of her personal campaign and GOTV (Get Out The Vote) goals. Lisa previously planned events for Hillary Clinton in Troy, New York when the former Secretary of State and First Lady was her U.S. Senator in New York. She also worked as a field organizer for Barack Obama in Virginia in 2008, when Virginia went blue for the first time in 44 years. 


Lisa earned her Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Government in 2005, with a focus on elected leadership and best practices in government. After graduating from Harvard, Lisa was hired to draft a strategic plan for performance management for the city and county of San Francisco.


Lisa is also a Board Member for OneMama, an organization which brings maternal care, localized health and family services, as well as economic sustainability to women and their families in rural communities where people survive on under $1.25 a day.


Lisa is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and an inspirational public speaker and writer who specializes in empowering girls and women to live their dreams. She lives in historic Troy, New York, with her loving partner, Aaron, who is also passionate about traveling the world! 

If you'd like to hire Lisa to deliver an inspirational keynote to YOUR organization, check out her Speaker's Website, or drop us a note in the Contact Us from here on this website! 

Let's change the world, TOGETHER! 


Live your dreams... we only have this one life in this body!

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